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Turbo Vacuum Stations

Wash Bays

Self-Serve Wash Bays

Credit & Cash Accepted

Canopies & Coverings

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  • Place is always clean and maintained.

    Ed Joyner
  • This was the go-to place to get your car washed and vacuumed all for one price. In the past few times I've been here, there have been no vacuum tokens. Luckily, we always have some from the times we are in a rush and don't vacuum.

    Marisela Ibarra
  • Always a lovely place to wash your vehicle been going for years and every time everything works great with a clean, chill environment! Thanks for your help Robert!

    Cherie Knight
  • Easy, convenient, and cheap. This place is actually always clean. The vending machine always works and you get the option to wash your car yourself or drive through the car wash and even add the light show. I raised my review to 5 stars today.

    Jess D
  • I have been coming here for years, it's a great place to wash your car and I have never had any issues. Prices are reasonable also

    Joseph Avila
  • Wow they raised the prices in the drive through wash... The bad thing about this place is that play the music so loud in self car wash it hurts your ears. I told one of the workers , he said yep the owner does it to keep the getting blasters out.....

    doug morgan
  • The best in the west was discovered today! What an excellent service for the brushed car service…. I haven’t tried touchless yet… I’m be back over and over again

    It’s Us
  • I use Happy Cow at least once a month. I used the automated car wash today. I did notice that the dryer timer started before I could pull up to dry my car. It started at 90 seconds, but when I could finally pull out of the car wash the timer was ...

    Colleen McHugh
  • This car wash is a little bit more expensive than the others nearby, but I think it is better. The self wash is great. The touchless wash is okay but never gets my car super clean. It always leaves a residue on the car like a harsh water or sope ...

    Gerardo Vazquez
  • Get $14 car wash

    Monkee Facts

    Happy Cow Car Wash

    Udderly the best way to clean your car!

    Features & Amenities

    We strive to keep you happy and leaving in a good moooo-d

    • Cleaning Islands with Coverings
    • Self-Service Wash Bays
    • Automatic Wash Bays
    • Cash or Credit Accepted
    • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Turbo Vacuums
    • Vending Machines
    • Bright Lighting for night cleanings