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Turbo Vacuum Stations

Wash Bays

Self-Serve Wash Bays

Credit & Cash Accepted

Canopies & Coverings

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  • I liked it better when they had the stall that had the stairs and platform for trucks to be washed with ease.

    Mary Fitzgerald
  • I used their $2.00 vacuum to suck up a serious amount of rainwater, that leaked in my car, after a couple of huge storms. Plenty of sucking power and the time needed to do the job. Vacuum fear.

    Edgar Gore
  • Happy Cow is my favorite car wash company in San Diego because I can rely on the equipment functioning, the high water pressure, and soap not running out. They do a nice job keeping the area clear of trash and the music is a really nice touch. I r...

    Matt Jackson
  • This one has a best selection of them all, IMO. Clean, everything in order. Recommend.

    semyen leypynov
  • Very 🙂 Nice

    C W
  • I like this car wash. It has good vacuums too...not crowded & they played good music over the loudspeaker

    Shawn Burton

    Happy Cow Car Wash

    Udderly the best way to clean your car!

    Features & Amenities

    We strive to keep you happy and leaving in a good moooo-d

    • Cleaning Islands with Coverings
    • Self-Service Wash Bays
    • Automatic Wash Bay
    • Vending Machines
    • Cash or Credit Accepted
    • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Turbo Vacuums
    • Bright Lighting for night cleanings