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Self-Serve Wash Bays

All wash bays include foam soap brushes, blow dry system, high pressure hoses and tire/bug/engine cleaner. Our wash bays take bills, coins, and credit cards. A sound reminder plays when your time is about to expire.

High Pressure Soap

High Pressure Rinse

Clear Coat Polish/Protectant

Spot-Free Rinse

Tire & Engine Cleaner

Bug Remover

Low Pressure Presoak

Tri-Color Rainbow Sealer Wax

Foaming Brush

Blastro-Dry Air Dryers

Mat Holders

Stairs for Truck & RV Wash

*Prices, options and availabilty may vary per location.

More About Our Self-Serve Wash Bays

Credit card system available in all wash bays. Same as cash. Minimum $3.00 per transaction, Maximum $20.00 per transaction. Visa, Master Card, Discover Card & American Express Card accepted. Fleet & Gift Cards available upon request.
Please Note:
your credit card will authorize for $20.00 and after your finical institution has finished pending the transaction, the actual amount of your car wash/vacuum will post. Please allow 1-2 business days for your transaction to appear. Systems also takes $1, $2, $5, $10 & $20 bills. Also takes quarters and dollar coins for time. No change is given for extra time.